Should Rent Or Buy A House?

Should Rent Or Buy A House?

Should rent or buy a House?

Investing in real estate is a tedious task and it is imperative for every homebuyer to analyse all the vital factors before spending a lump sum amount of money in specific projects.

Benefits of Renting

• Rental property does not require huge initial investment.
• Renters do not require to pay agent fees, surveyor fees and solicitor cost as in the case of buying a house.
• People do not have to worry about the additional costs such as property taxes.
• The consequences of not paying the rent are less disastrous compared to not paying the mortgage payments.
• Maintenance and regular upkeep of the house is not tenant’s problem.
• After expiration of the lease, they can conveniently relocate to other cities.

Benefits of buying a house:

• Do not have to abide by the owners’ rules and regulations

• The occupants are free to live as per their choice and wish

• Owners can redecorate or remodel the home décor and interiors without seeking anybody permission

• Sense of pride and status of ownership

Why Buying is preferred over Renting

• The rent of the house increases in every 11 months

• People can stay in a particular house or flat depending upon the owner’s wish

• Finding rental property in your preferred location is not always possible

• People owing a house do not have to relocate, thereby securing their belongings from transit damage.

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