Studio Apartment vs. Service Apartment vs. the Residential Apartment

The real estate has evolved to such an extent that designing of the apartments is going through some significant changes to cater the budget and choice of every buyer. To meet the current demand of buyers, the real estate developers are designing an array of residing spaces ranging from studio apartments, service apartment to residential apartments. These apartments basically differ in terms of size, price, features and specifications. Each form of apartment is different in its structure and concept.

In order to have better understanding of each type of apartment, let us have an overview on different types of apartment in details.

Studio Apartment


Studio apartment or studio flat comprises of a large single room having space for living room, bedroom and kitchen in it. There is no other room in the apartment and only few have occasional alcove. Most of the studio apartments have kitchen and bathroom but these are set off in the room only. However, this apartment does offer cosy atmosphere to the individuals, as it is equipped with all the basic facilities and amenities. Studio apartments are in great demand by the single professionals, who have to live for short duration and who don’t have time, effort and budget to manage a big house. Moreover, studio apartments provide modern lifestyle to the people without compromising on their budget.

Service Apartment

Imperia H2O Residency
Imperia H2O Residency, serviced apartments in Greater Noida West, was delivered in 2013 by Imperia Structures.

The concept of service apartment first coined in India in the year 2003-04. The trend started from metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and has now extended their way to smaller cities, where commercial activities are on the rise. Service apartment is a furnished accommodation having a small kitchen and room, which is spacious than hotel room. It has all the modern facilities like telephone, fax, Internet connection, soft furnishings and cooking utensils so that long term tenants can reside without any difficulty. Some of the service apartments also provide housekeeping staff, conference room along with concierge service. Service apartments are usually demanded by MNC executives and expatriates, who come on a week or a month deputation.

Residential Apartment

The Esfera
The EsferaA one-of-its-kind residential complex located on 60m wide Pataudi Road, Gurgaon Dwarka Expressway.

Residential apartment is a self-contained housing unit on a floor and usually comprises of three to four families in each floor of a high-rise apartment building. A residential apartment is a housing unit having a kitchen, bathroom, bed room and living room and it can have any number of bedrooms and can be furnished or unfurnished. People staying in residential apartments enjoy a better social life and avail array of facilities through the resident welfare association of the societies.

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